Open Source Quarantine

It’s quarantine time, and we might be tired of staying at home, not going out to live our lives. But we can turn it into something productive that might help other developers in the future. Since we have this free time, it would be awesome to give back (or just to start giving back) to tools that we appreciate and are free.

There are a lot of blog posts that already cover on how to contribute to open source, so I’ll not rewrite what they say. They are ages better than I am on explaining that, so my work here will basically summarize where to look and where to start.

First Timers Only

Welcome! Let’s do some open source!”, they say. First timers only is a platform to show where to start on contributing to projects. There they also show some other websites where you can pick up some issues and start coding!

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Open Source Guides

A guide to making open source contributions, for first-timers and for veterans.” Open Source Guides is a manual in several languages, explaining how to start (or continue) to contribute to projects. They even have a summary explaining:

  • Why contribute to open source?
  • What it means to contribute
  • Orienting yourself to a new project
  • Finding a project to contribute to
  • How to submit a contribution
  • What happens after you submit a contribution

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First contributions

Make your first open source contribution in 5 minutes”. This one is for the people that want to go directly to a project, pick an issue and develop, already know what to do? Just want to pick a project and run, that is your place!

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GitHub Labels

If you want to go directly to the point, there are some labels on GitHub that are conventional to be used to help find issues to contribute:

Not happy yet?

Okay, I know what I can do for you! Here are some projects that I can recommend trying out (even divided by language!).

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Take care of yourself

A lot to do right? Don’t forget to take care of yourself, wash your hands, eat well, don’t pack toilet paper and as Cardi B says:

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